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8 Ноя 2017

In brief:
  • Calculates all buffs, amplifications, shields etc.
  • Takes into account such things\situations as: Eual right after Blink, Phoenix's Drive, Storm's ulti etc.
  • Great optimisation, minimal FPS drops.
  • Customisation: ignore list, custom blow radius.
  • Info panel.
  • You friend\teammate can share the control of Units for you, so the script will blow his mines.
The complete description:
  • Enable - to enable\disable the script.
  • [Beta] Share with Allies - enables auto detonation for your Ally Techies. He has to share the control of Units for you.
  • Draw Circles - display mines radius(you can choose which types of mines to show)
  • Stack - stacks remote mines in the same spot when you plant them:
    • Stack range - radius to the nearest mine to trigger the feature. (I set the maximum value)
  • Legit detonation - detonates all the mines in stack at once to kill an enemy.
  • Detonate mine when < 200 hp - detonates low HP mines to deny them.
  • Detonate Delay (ms) - possibility to set a custom detonation delay(I set it to zero)
  • Trigger Aeon Disk - blows needed amount of mines to trigger Aeon Disk.
  • Fail Switch for FD (hold SHIFT for ignore) - will not allow you to activate mines if they don't kill\if there is no enemy heroes.
  • Force Staff - toggles ForceStaff usage:
    • Draw Force Line - draws a line which shows the direction of an enemy.
    • Force in Lotus orb - will use FS in enemies affected by Lotus Orb.
  • Detonate WK ult - detonates WK with ulti.
  • Detonate Aegis - detonates heroes with Aegis.
  • Use Veil $ EBlade for kill - automatically uses the listed items to kill an enemy.
  • Show Panel key - the key to show/hide the info panel above mines.
  • Interface - settings for the top panel:
    • Draw Info Panel - toggle the panel.
    • PosX - edit the X axis position.
    • PosY - edit the Y axis position.
    • Step - the step between columns\blocks.
    • Box Size - the box size.
    • Font Size - the font size.
  • Linken's Breaker - items to Break Linken Sphere.
  • Draw Blast Damage - draws the damage Blast will deal.
  • Visible by - the mines visibility indication types:
    • Enemy - the Visible By Enemy effect.
    • Sentry - the Sentry effect.
Possible bugs:
  • The Info Panel above mines overlaps - reload scripts.
Installation: you don't need to install anything, just select the script in the "private scripts" tab in the loader!
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