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Тема в разделе "Hero specific scripts", создана пользователем Chrys4lislove, 4 дек 2018.

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    8 ноя 2017

    The script description:
    • Enable - to enable\disable script;
    • Range of the Blink Distance - draw the Blink Dagger radius;
    • Auto Culling - automatically uses Ulti if enemy is killable:
      • Enable - toggle the module;
      • Range to Target - range of Ulti usage(will come to the target);
    • Combo key - the key to start comboing;
    • Blink type - blink usage style:
      • Blink to best position - automatically chooses the best position to target as much enemies as possible, always considering the initial target;
      • Blink to Cursor - blinks on the cursor position;
    • Combo Type - the combo style:
      • Blink+Call First - items after Blink and Call;
      • Items First - items before Blink and Call;
    • Combo - items and spells to use in combo;
    Installation: you don't need to install anything, just select the script in the "private scripts" tab in the loader!
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