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    In brief:
    • Draws the place on MiniMap where Smoke has been used.
    • Draws the place on MiniMap where Nyx`s Vendetta has been used.
    • Aegis timer.
    • Roshan respawn timer.
    • Roshan alert(spawn and being attacked events).
    • Notifies about certain spells being used if such option is enabled.
    Features description:
    • Enable - to enable\disable the script;
    • Draw Rosh State - is alive or dead;
    • Auto Scan - scan usage settings:
      • Auto scan if Roshan is under attack - uses scan if Rosh is being attacked;
      • don't use Scan if there is an Ally in range of X to roshpit - to set the range;
    • Sound Alert* - enables sound alert(only works if you downloaded the sound);
    • Sound Alert Volume - to set the volume;
    • Chat Alert - chat related notifications:
      • Enable - alerts in chat about smoke and Mirana`s and Nyx`s ultis;
      • Bara Alert - alerts in chat about Bara charged in someone as well as tells if Bara cancels the charge;
      • Skill Alert - alerts in chat about certain spells being used;
      • Runes Alert - notifies when bounty runes are about to spawn(before 15/10/5 sec from spawn);
      • Roshan Alert - alerts about Rosh being attacked;
      • Rosh Alert Delay - delay between chat messages;
    • Language - language to use for chat alerts;
    * - to make sound alert work install the attached file to:
    ~steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/game/dota/sounds/ui/stingers/~
    File name(download from the attachments): "notification_alert.vsnd_c"

    What was reworked compared to the previous version:
    • Script won't spam about someone attacking the Rosh anymore when there is a teammate nearby.
    • Script only notifies when Enemy team uses the smoke now.
    • Rosh sate(Dead\Alive) now saves even if you reload scripts or reconnect to the match.
    To use you own sound:
    • Convert your sound to .vsnd_c format (google how to)
    • Change file name to "notification_alert.vsnd_c"
    • Place it in ~steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/game/dota/sounds/ui/stingers/~
    Installation: you don't need to install anything, just select the script in the "private scripts" tab in the loader!


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