CFG Бесплатные настройки для чита UMBRELLA

Если что панельки и инфоскрин подстроен под его Монитор.
Если у вас меньше 1920х1080, то все Панельки и прочее инфа, будет просто за монитором, хз как фиксануть..
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Реакции: seroga5500
Have you been looking for hard settings for a long time?
Difficulties with setting up a cheat?
Then this topic is just for you!

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Download: Click me to download

• Unzip all replacement files into the software folder.
• Ready!

Which combo button?
1. Auto last hit - Mouse4
2. ALL HEROES - F (these are all heroes, sky, sf, vr, arc, etc.)
3. Mp/hp abuse - capslock (tossing shrine items) 0 - enable/disable the script
4. Crypblocker - 4 (see for yourself here)
5. Opening OVERWOLF - 8
6. Opening the dodger menu - L

Otherwise, all buttons are by default. The cheat is set to the maximum, but still I advise you to leave only those settings that you need! Do not litter the screen and cheat with unnecessary scripts, they will only give you unnecessary problems. Remember that these are my settings. You can change them at any time for yourself, but often users change only the combo buttons, otherwise the combos are set up correctly.

Thank you for using our product, today you can enjoy our software to the fullest.

Happy games!
как прокасты за инвокера выдавать? кидаю ветра дальше просто санстрайк летит больше ничего
Зравствуйте, вроде бы сделал все правильно. но появилась такая ошибка "0xc000007b"